Cheap Shoes

A local citizen writes to Mr City:

“Okay then, if everybody does know what’s ‘really going on’ – how come nobody ever talks about it?!”

And Mr C. replies”

“What – and ruin all the fun for everybody else!”

With no prior warning, the Professor of “History Its Primary And Secondary Aspects” gave his morning class a verbal quiz and selecting one student asked him:  “Other than hormones; what is the principal cause of history?”  And from alert young voices all OVER the school came the happy cry of the correct answer.

One city said: “Once you start to talk to me – never stop.”

(So too do hearts forever want to beat and blood forever flow.)

During the ten o’clock session of one kindergarten, the teacher presented the youngsters with this:  “Another Unknown Question, which if people ever thought to ask, (much less ever got around to actually answering), could spread mucho surprising light on the Relationship between a man’s individual mental receptacle, and the collective educational machinery that attempts to fill it.”  After arousing the nippers, who’d slumbered off during the reading of the title of his piece, he then delivered directly this, in the form of the following rhetorical question:  Can wearing “cheap shoes” cause you to have “cheap feet”?

“A Nautical, Cosmic Myth”:

The cruise lines on this one world have but one rule for all captains: they may not ask any questions of the passengers.  (That tour guide with the sore lips from the last time, sticks his head back in to add:  “No religions have ever been started on less – NONE!”)


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