Secret Protocol

The Professor of “Medical Topography, Aspects, Primary And Secondary,” gave his class an unscheduled, verbal quiz.  Asked he of one student, in an unscheduled manner:
“What is the most prevailing cause of human illness?”

And the matriculant asked:  “Do you mean other than hormones?”

“Yes,” replied the professor.

“Seriousness,” answered the student.

(And the whole class smiled sillily.)

Someone, name of, Marjorie Culhane, faxed us to say that once she gets a lobby – we’re sure-e-e gonna hear from her!  (And somewhere – far, far away – “Metaphysical consequences” scoffs and makes some kind of unknown gesture.)

In jail:  The only place the ordinary can breathe.

Post-Contemporary Political Secret Protocol:
The lobby that represents man
also represents somebody else.

“Warning – Warning – Warning on the flight deck; Warning on the bridge; Warning down in the hold:  LIFE doesn’t LIKE a squealer!  Okay, okay – settle down, time for the ‘REAL Warning.’  LIFE doesn’t CARE! – Viola – Boom, Bam, Crash-And-Burn, ya’ll.”


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