Most Disgusting, Sickening Rumor of The Year:
One man secretly wanted to become a spiritual teacher just so he could talk about certain personal matters in his own life, in a camouflaged context.  (Ugh!)

And in your box of crackerjacks was this:
“Secret Proverb You Could Secretly Live By – (Hey, who’d know?!)”:

Friendship amongst the blind is not conducive to them collectively ever being the recipients of complimentary passes to the opera.  (Careful not to bite down on that renegade peanut with your eye teeth.)

A man whines to the Advice Doctor:
“But I was BORN like I am – how can I ever do anything about it?!”

And the Doctor replied: “You can’t.”
(And muttered in an aside to you:  “He shouldn’t have whined about it!”)

A rebel doesn’t work for salary –
he does what he does
because he wants to.

Some neurons who hear that last one thought:
“Supreme-inspiration in fifteen words or less.”


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