A Cautionary Tale

Later that same afternoon, once the man and Clarence had both regained their normal body warmth and routine mental stability, the man made this additional observation to his feline pal.  From a particular position he sometimes neutrally assumed, he said, “You know, old chum, the difficulty in mortal life of divining the difference between folly and the truth, is that there is none.”

A Cautionary Tale:

When it became evident that the kingdom would soon be under attack by the combined forces of hair dressers and interior decorators, the King, being an up-to-date, “with-it” kinda guy, made the politically correct move of telling his Defense Minister; “Arm our poets!”  And his minister cautioned, “My Lord, I wouldn’t do that.”  His Grace repeated his instructions, only to be similarly rebuffed again by his advisor.  So his Majesty finally asked:  “And under these unusual conditions, why should we NOT give poets guns?”  And the Defense Minister finally replied point blank, “Because, Sire, even beyond your vast knowledge and experience – artists are crazier than even YOU suspect.”  (“Oh,” sighed His Suddenly Enlightened One.)

Amidst their continuing discussions regarding “humans,” a certain ole man told the kid: “There are two kinds of ‘hip,’ those that appear to be, and those who don’t let on.”

Whenever this one local reality would “go out of town,” (assuming such is possible), it’d always think,  “Wow – things are really looking up.”

You Philosophy and Theological students might herein care to note and discover the reason why religions and fresh dairy products do not “travel well.”  And just to be fair, I should mention that several major cities and civilizations immediately spoke up to say:  “One of the two travels QUITE well enough for us, thank you.”


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