The Last of the Big Time Spenders

During a momentary lull in the, (shall we say “activities”), the fellow thought: “Trying to hide – much less control – your feelings is like carrying a deranged weasel around in the pocket of someone else’s trousers.”

The Professor of Political Science, Aspects, Primary And Secondary, gave a pop verbal quiz to the class, (quizzed he to one student):  “What is the major cause of wars?” 
And the pupil replied:  “You mean besides hormones?” 
“Yes, yes,” responded the instructor. 
And the student then said:  “Believing that others are serious about what they do.” 
(And the entire class arose and repeated:  “Yes indeed!”)

Tuesday’s “Goober Tale”:

One man’s mind said, “I don’t know which one I enjoy most, me trying to think, or you trying to do it for me.”

Once he was convinced that the party he’d randomly dialed was NOT going to purchase any of his penny stock, the telephone solicitor gave them this free statement:  “Further proof that man is the measure of reality: the weather is irrelevant unless you’re alive.”  (He then hung up and went on to the next chance combination of numbers.)

LIFE is the last of the “big time spenders”.


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