Which Came First?

Then, standing just outside his recently refurbished tomb, the spirit of Grant read today’s Bonus Question:  “Which came first, reincarnation, or the merry go round?”

Suddenly – standing up alone in his room, a man declared aloud:
“I’ve got it – I see – being-with-somebody-else is just like being-by-yourself, except someone else is with you.”  The station manager barked out to a programmer:  “I guess we can cancel that Marriage Counselor’s show!”

Near the fifty-six hour mark, a man thought:
“The trouble with getting high from rebel thinking is how cheap it makes other drugs seem, and how costly it makes them become.”

More “News That’s True – But Hidden – In the Secondary World”:
Men can’t seem to invent “perpetual motion” machines because they IS one.

A reader notes:

“That is the very kind of thing you so often say, that as soon as I hear it I think:  ‘My god – how true!’  But then think:  ‘But even if it is so – what’s the significance?!”

My Dear Reader:

Not by a “hardly” – in fact, if you will but consider what you’ve said just a mite further, does it not begin to smell of operations capable of infinitely sustaining themselves.


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