With No Extensive Set-Up

And with no extensive “set-up”:

Far away, a grizzled old guru told a young neophyte, “Having ills can keep a man on his toes.”  And the lad replied, “Not if it’s frostbite to the feet.” 
And the elderly one leaned closer and asked, “I say, do you take students?” 
And SUDDENLY, the mountains shook and the heavens trembled, as Shangrila attempted to reveal itself, and the eagle and the wolves, the sheep and the chipmunks together, as one choir, began to sing: “Oh, a silly man is an insightful man, just not on this planet he ain’t – ohhh!”

A man writes the Advice Doctor:   “Do dreams mean anything?”
And the Doctor replied:  “Are you nuts?!”

An observer observes:

“It doesn’t seem so difficult to me to spot the primary characteristics in most people, but identifying secondary ones can sure be a lot messier – (if you’re wearing your good clothes).”

Then, falling back momentarily into the impish grip of the Demon of definitions, to wit:

Man’s Collective, Intellectual World:  The only place you can “go broke,” spending someone else’s money.

In what one man perceived to be the continuing struggle of his own primary and secondary worlds, once he’d reached a certain age, instead of having his face lifted he had his brain lowered.  (Efficiency – ya’ll!)


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