All Advice is a Day Old

A Conversation Overheard on a Sunday:

“Serious people don’t see anything funny about being alive.”
“Whoa, say, is that why they’re…” (you guessed it!)

Sometime later, over drinks, Monday looked up over his glass and said: “You ever notice that nobody finds any ready humor in calendars and watches?!”

By its nature – All advice is a “Day Old.”

All advice is a “day old” –
except that which a rebel
secretly gives himself.

As her daughter and son prepared to set off for the World of City Education,
the mother told the girl, “Never believe a man’s Important New Scientific Theory
unless you’ve slept with him.” 
Then, turning to the boy,she said, “I guess you’re on your own.” 
(That tour guide from earlier said again that, “Entire religions have been started on less, but someone slammed the bus door on his tongue.)

The condemned man, being the true intellectual that he was, asked only for his “Final request,” that something – anything – be shouted just as he was shot.

(A perhaps glaringly-obvious corollary to the above:  In an adjoining cell was a primary-based man who, as his “Final request,” simply asked that he be let go.)


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