Deeds and Words

At the corner, one man grabbed another by the sleeve and said:  “You know what the world’s waiting for now?  Well, let me tell you what it’s waiting for.  It’s waiting for a new religion, one that will condemn SECONDARY activities.  Now that’s what everyone is waiting for.”  And with that he turned to walk away, and no one made any move to stop him.

This letter:

“Dear Miss Etiquette,

        Could you take an ‘important truth’ and still make it sound silly?’

And Miss Etiquette says, “I’m not going to answer that.”

It is easier for ordinary minds to try and understand man collectively, factionally: as part of a culture, a nation, a religion, (etc), rather than as an individual.

And now Let’s Twist Our Brains Like We Did Last Summer:

Which would you prefer:  to be creative and on your own, or, be a dunce with a good rap?

Words and Deeds – Deeds and Words:

In the primary world it is deeds which count, while in the secondary, words.  Thus, in that latter realm, all may be brave and brilliant.  And thus it is, that if Attila were brought to Plato’s playing field, he would not seem a Super Bowl champ.


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