Gazelles and Lions

A lad looked up from his book and said:

“Hey, Pop, listen to this,” and began to read:  “Courage consists not in simply overcoming fear, but in studying its many faces, and carefully planning for its defeat.  So tell me, wise father, could the same be said regarding the relationship between thinking and ignorance?” 
The ole man replied, “Not hardly, my boy, unless you were the routine sort who believes everything they read and hear.”  (Oh yeah, a post script:  Beyond the words we just heard, later that same day, the kid realized that the ole man was also subtly describing what the ordinary call “ignorance,” as an illusionery punching bag.)

The people in the basement decided:  “A secondary man is a happy man.”
(And under their breaths added:  “He BETTER be!”)

At a recent dinner party, the mayor of one city was overhead to say that he found the arts to be, “Incivility made manifest – with a price tag attached for the effort.”

Gazelles only live
because lions are there
to kill them.

Okay, the final version; let’s see if you get it this time:

One man said his lifelong spiritual quest reached its climax when, while in the high mountains of Turkistan, under the blistering influence of some low drugs, he suddenly came to the realization that the term, “metaphysical consequences,” began with the same letters as the name of his childhood sweetheart, Margaret Culhane.  (Now do you bloody get it?!)


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