Doing, Thinking & Talking

Our main topic today is:

“Anything ever said deserves to be ridiculed.”  (Of course not actively or overtly so; in fact there is no exact word for what I mean:  Derided, Mocked, Dismissed, Disdained, or Unworthy of Notice.)

Man seems to live by “doing,” and to live by “thinking and talking.”  While doing is essential to survival, thinking and talking are not.  A man could, in fact, survive solely by “doing” if he were removed from an environment wherein thinking had been made an integral part of everyday life. So, doing is essential – thinking is not.

Actual survival is IN doing, while thinking is either thinking-about-essential, survival-related-doing, or is thinking-about-non-essential-doing that is merely distraction and entertainment, or is thinking-about-things that are total inventions of previous human thinking.  “Anything that’s said or thought by anyone deserves to be ridiculed.”

Thinking is intended to assist doing in matters of survival.  But thinking can also interfere with essential doing, (such as in being mentally “somewhere else” while carrying needed water, and tripping and spilling it.)


Things men “DO” may be laughed at,
but only what they think deserves to be ridiculed.


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