Making Eye Contact

When you realize that “Feeling’s the Thing,” and not Thinking, everything you’ve ever heard about “Waking Up” makes more sense than ever; (because it hardly makes any sense at all now), when you think about it.

Making eye contact with thought, (rather than looking to feeling), is making ice so that you will have something to boil, to have water.

There is an approach that you can invent for yourself, that I call by the name of:  “Look Away.”

Only a total fool attempts to explain, (from his own personal view), what it is to: “Want to Awaken.”

When asked about his place of residency, one man replied: “I presently live a bit north of my thalamus – but I’m attempting to relocate.”

There is a method that you can adopt as your own by which you “look away” – always looking up just over the heads of thoughts, off to the infinite horizon.  (P.S. Keep the whole affair as non-specific as possible.)


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