Look Away

All men are a “walking bundle of feelings,” only difference is an enlightened man KNOWS better.

Although from the classical mystic’s view, everyone who is not struggling to “awaken” is “asleep,” and in that such people rarely “Think About Themselves.”  From that perspective unique to mystics, they cannot be said to actually “Be Asleep.”

You must be a person who consistently engages in “thinking about yourself,” from an “insider’s viewpoint,” to be asleep; (curious as it sounds) only those wanting to awaken ARE asleep.

Isn’t that the kind of statement sufficiently curious to cause you to – Look Away – to look above and beyond the heads of all the words and images, always trying to arise from the caustic depths of your mind, and take full control of your consciousness.

If the true sign of an awakened man is that, “You cannot discern his mind,” how about what’s between you and your own so-called “Mind”?


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