Touchy! Touché!

One man pondered; “Is there in fact a ‘Song Of Awakening,’ one, if which I sang, would produce awakening?” 

And a voice from somewhere answered him:  “Yes, providing you DIDN”T sing it.” 

(“You see, said another voice, “Right there’s the PROBLEM with all of this!”  Touché, touché!  Touchy and – touché.)

Once he has turned the ideas of “awakening” around in his mind, to a degree sufficient for him, the worst thing such a man can do after that is to – think about his life.

If there is no immediate problem that has a possible physical solution, there is no reason for a man seeking the goal to ever be thinking about his life.

You live your mundane, moment-to-moment, uneventful life by feelings, with nothing there about for an awakened man to think about.

When you start, you’re confused and un-enlightened; then you become enlightened and un-confused.  But the Big Game is to be neither confused nor enlightened.  (Those who accomplish that are the unknown Hall-of-Famers.)


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