The “Appearance” of the Mind

One guy’s current view is thus:

“The entire manifestation of ‘being asleep’ could be described, on a personal level, as doing more than is necessary at any given instant, under any given conditions.  To ‘be awake’ (or at least to BEHAVE as if awake), is, by consequence: never doing any more than is minimally called for by the circumstances.”

Thus, from his view, “being asleep” is in “Acting in Excess,” a domain overseen entirely by one’s “apparent self.”  In fact, “Acting in excess of what is necessary,” is the apparent self’s raison d´etre.  (This would also explain the frequency with which the Few mention the tiredness they experience from “being asleep.”)

About The Mind:

There is the “appearance” of the mind,
and the “reality” of the mind,
and anyone who says they understand the latter –

To be fully enlightened is to recognize the “appearance” of the mind, and not be fooled that you understand its reality.

(To realize the emptiness of an empty room is to awaken to its nature.)


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