A New Condition

While there have been many who said we should live solely in the present moment, how many ever realize that it may not be possible for thought TO live in the here and now, and that this can only be done by feelings.

As per my latest model, you shouldn’t say that the goal is: “A New State Of Mind,” but rather:  “A New Condition.”

What ghosts haunt
a man’s mental house
other than memories?!

To express no verbal comment is to “Behave Properly.” 
To HAVE no comment is to “Be Awake.”

A question involving the following two poems:

Number One:  
A Man with no feeling
seems quite appealing

Number Two: 
He who does not feel
 has no appeal

Which one do you feel is the more accurate?  (You know, when the light hits you in a certain way, you’re quite attractive.)


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