While poets and philosophers have searched for the “perfect metaphor,” the alert have already realized that it is right before us: Things-As-They-Are.

The symbol of a serpent swallowing its own tail does not represent the culmination of life — but life as it forever is.

Once man left the peace and quiet of paradise and became a thinking creature, he took on a kind of illness, and to help compensate, life provided a form of self-treatment: constant mental agitation.
“The doctor will see you now.”

“Hello, Doc, you’ve go to help me!”

“Certainly — just look over there…now over here…now back over there.”

“My God! good Doctor — I’m cured!”

“I know, my boy, I know.  Next.”

No matter where, no matter when,
no matter the language, the customs, the culture,
no matter the people’s simplicity or sophistication,
what one attribute do all of man’s many religions ascribe to God:
That he is “unchanging.”

…Quite a coincidence, huh?  Next.


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