Just Over the Horizon

Instead of directly trying to STOP thought, try looking over the heads of those to which you’re most naturally attracted.

When a man has some substantial awakening experience, it is good for unjust occasions to befall him (such that, for example, he can find himself – standing alone, naked on a barren plain – and this might produce the voice of, “I’ve been mistreated!”).   Thus a man might discover himself standing alone, naked on a barren plain, with no companion save the voice which begs for an analyzing of the injustice he has suffered, affording him the immediate opportunity to look up above the voice – just over the horizon –  where feelings are free from such noises below.

You can try to be a guard
who tries to bar the door to thought;
or be a man who stands beside the door
and does not look in thought’s direction.

It seems to me that there is a limited time, specific to each man, in which he can be profitably engaged in, “analyzing his life.”  And once the saturation point is reached, he should cease making eye contact with thoughts that appear regarding his life.


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