“What If” Time

What if we direct our attention to the mind, solely because, by virtue of its activities being verbal, we can talk about them.  Whereas, what can you say about the goings on in the pancreas, or the thyroid, that lend themselves, to extended intellectual commentary?!

What if we study the mind by default?!  Since only the operations of the mind seem of philosophical or mystical significance to the mind.

What if the “desire to awaken” comes, not from the mind, but from the endocrine system and its glands wanting their, “day in the sun”?!

What if the full range of: “Wanting to awaken, achieve enlightenment, experience liberation,” etc., could all be genuinely said to amount to this: “The mind’s desire to – ‘control itself.’” Yet consider, nothing about us “controls itself”; the entire notion is demonstratively ludicrous to a keen eye.

The mind, being verbal, gets most of the attention and nearly all of the credit for man’s meteoric rise, and miraculous ability to affect his environment and reactions.  Yet still, what if it is not actually any aspect of the mind or consciousness that urges people like us to change, to awaken, but rather the hormonal glands silently chaffing us to “move up!” to further evolve, and follow the lead of nervous system neurons?!


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