How to Run a Business

Don’t be a good consumer of caffeine advertising and believe that; “Sleep is good to the very last drop.”  Not getting out of that “very last drop” is what sustains the belief that you’re asleep.

One man says this, “Everything I see in Life now I also see as a metaphor for what I see in me, my brain/mind specifically.  This makes me wonder, when I reverse this, should I then be realizing that what I see outside of me are but metaphors for that within?”  And his pronouncement, of this poser, led one of his alter selves to make an admission; “Metaphor construction and considering is SO pleasurable to me that I wonder if I’ll ever stay in any state of permanent awakening?”  (And I would refer him to the earlier comment of the fellow how noted the desirability of being able to use his mind “solely” as an experimental laboratory.)

Anyone “serious” about achieving awakening, (“serious” as in gloomy…grave…mournful, woeful or totally somber), anyone “serious” about achieving awakening is seriously confused.

Behind the ventriloquist’s solemn countenance, the dummy should be grinning or else the act is already going nowhere.

How To Run A Business: 
Put the dummy out front.


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