Growth doesn’t repent.

All by himself, this one fellow developed his own amusing mode: whenever he was asked about anything he had ever said about anything, he would respond, “Well, you caught me – I lied!  Yes sir, I lied and you caught me, simple as that.”

The plans for Jakarta’s zoo, are always drawn in Oslo.

Yesterday one kid told his ole man, “Sometimes I think you are and I are the same entity.”  And the elder thought, “Some of these items get TOO close for their own good – or should I say, ‘MY own good.’”

The answer to a maiden’s prayer, (in the City), is always feminine.  (And of course, “Real men” don’t pray.)

Meanwhile, back over at the City University in a Sociology class, a professor concluded a certain segment by commenting that it seems most men must have some other outside group they can hate.  And an ole sorehead’s student son spoke up, “That’s not necessary in my case Sir – I have me.”


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