Some People

Some people look more important sitting down.  (But then again, there’s always the ever important, “on the other hand.”)

One mangled mental muser, sitting in the park near the fount, muttered, “I’m so old now I’ve forgotten what it’s like.”

Late in life, (perhaps too late in life to hear him tell it), this one chubby pipe-fitter realized that the answer to all his earthly questions was, “Over here.  Right over here.”

Up on the screen, one of the movie’s characters, reflecting on his dire predicament, solemnly intoned, “I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”  And out in the dark of the theater, an ole sorehead began to laugh and whoop to such an extent that they were forced to throw him out of a side exit.  While walking the three mile distance to his house, he continued to think of the actor and his line and kept on giggling, and repeating to himself, “Can you believe it – the bastard took it personally, he thought it was an individual experience.”  All the way home he whooped and hollered.

One uncertain father patronizingly said to his son, “I don’t want to tell you what to think.”  And after dousing the flames, the kid asked, “Old man, past history, yesterday’s news, tell me pray tell exactly what is the difference between don’t and can’t?”


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