For Your Eyes Only

With apparently few other possibilities looming, he decided to bestow the honors and recognition onto himself, so standing at his solitary table he pronounced the following:  “All that I have I give to thee.  It is now all yours, flourishing little brain cells, as far as the eye can see.”

The more reluctant factors accuse their liberal brothers of pursuing that which is “too new and untested,” and cannot see that their definition of their own position that, “conservatism is adherence to the old and tried,” translates into the “did and died.”

Private Court Advice; For Your Eyes Only:

Don’t let it bug you, the king’s always threatening to recall this or that minister.

A visitor to a certain world, upon discovering that their Supreme Idea and Operational Way To Go was embodied in the slogan, “It’s one thing to show a man his errors, but quite another to give him the truth,” decided that while some traveling is broadening, some is downright fattening.

On the final evening of the Intergalactic Scientific Conference, it was decided that he with the most awards, prizes, and honors would make the closing comments, and when the good doctor was led to the microphone he had the following to say,” Fuck the inevitable laws of nature.”


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