Think More than You Have To

In that little uptown bistro over on the planet I once mentioned, a young chap standing next to me, after wiping the sweat and concern from his brow, shyly smiled and confided, “Wow – being vexed is so-o-o-o me hobby!”

You can’t be mad at something
without comparing it to something.

In certain matters, seen from certain views, the operational difference between the singular and its plural is not merely one of quantity.  (Yes, an “S” can be a most formidable addition.)

All criticism, be it learned or crude;
all criticism, be it externally based,
or self-directed;
all criticism is a cheap shot.

After all of the recent brim and pleasantness, this one chap has sought permission to use some of my ideas to construct his own personal motto, if not epithet.  If I agree he says it will thusly read, “If you think more than you have to, you won’t have to talk more than you must.”


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