The Doctor of Universal Spin

A recent rumor making the rounds has it that a certain deity once listed his occupation as “Doctor of Universal Spin.”

There are people who are ordinary and who walk around in a fog; there are people who are ordinary who don’t; there are people who say they are “Doing This” who do not walk about in a fog; and there are people who say they are “Doing This” who…no, I just can’t bring myself to say it…

Making a futile attempt to put his arm around the old man, the kid said, “Pops, I’ve decided that some of the funny stuff you say ain’t really a joke.”  And the palpating pater was so pleased he almost didn’t kill him.

One of the applicants for the executioner’s position was amazed to learn that it paid a salary.  His brother-in-law was even more bewildered to find that priests likewise were paid, and very seldom brought to the guillotine.

Instead of simply and directly “going to new places,” there was this one sly guy who would first go there to SEE if he would later like to “go there.”


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