Everything in Place

In some parts of some solar systems, lack of competence can be at least partially addressed by simply changing the description of resultant failures…(I did say in parts of some nervous systems, didn’t I?).

This one trial-size guy, whenever he wanted to make his dog happy, would take him for a ride.  And whenever he wanted to make his brain all happy and smiley would say to it, “I knew I could count on you!”

(The guy that did the following told me we should label it as, “A Pregnant Message From The Front,” and to this I for one will not add the ticking of the sarcasm meter; so here goes):

Once, after a temporary lull in the fight, a scout returned from a previous leaving and announced, “I have been here, and I have been there, I have looked high and I have looked low, and I am prepared to state unequivocally that everything is firmly in its place.”

Dig this, I was sitting next to this fellow in a far-away diner, and heard him say to his none-in-particular-partner that, “just having him along was almost like having him along.”  (Hey, with friends like that, who needs friends.)

One might ask if any information was truly new if it made any reference to past assumptions…(which may be as useless as the old question of “Why does the chicken cross his legs?”)


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