Brave Galaxy Theorem 18

Brave Galaxy Theorem Number Eighteen:
All rotten ideas started out as good ones…and the Theorem’s brother added,
“Yeah, but EVERYTHING started out as something else.”

This one side-layer, short gentleman, soundly said that his thinking was, “so important” that his brain had an unlisted number.  And his brother muttered that it didn’t matter cause nobody ever called him anyway.

The mystique of wars resides in the friends of the defeated, and it is failure that has the memory, tongue and inclination to chat up its ignominy.

Over near the foggy quarter sector, there’s this chap who several times a day exclaims, “We’re all in this together,” which may not sound too interesting until I tell you that when he shouts it he’s always by himself.

If you’re in-the-Revolution-with-the-Expedition, remember this:
No matter what space you take, no matter the prevailing time, just like Life itself, you’re always on the verge.


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