Words to the Wise (and Otherwise)

One guy, (who, by the by, used to be an “ole sorehead” in some of my stories, but has gotten better), says that one of the perks in being famous is that people automatically believe you’re smarter than you are.

Words To The Wise, (And Otherwise), Number Seventeen, (or is it Seven Hundred and Seventeen?), no matter, here it is anyway: 
“You can’t be too careful…unless as always, you overdo it.”

After having four or five real great ideas in a row, one guy thought, “Wow, if I didn’t know me better, I’d think I was up to something.”

Tripping up ain’t the end of the world, but laying there whining is enough to make you call your mamma.

Lots of folks “keep their powder dry” who ain’t even got a gun…(are we talking “wasted energy” here again, or some convoluted form of conservation?  Sometimes it’s just “hard to figure” when all you’ve got to go on is facts).


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