No one
comes for
“just a visit.”

A fellow told me that he’s figured out why gifts are so neat; he says it’s not because you simply got something free, and it’s not because it proves the giver loves you; no, he says that you look at a real neat present, and while thinking how much you enjoy it, simultaneously realize you would have never gotten it yourself.  Now…no one would dare ever think of this in regards to the acquisition of new info – would they?

A Real Revolutionist: One who is hard on himself, and easy on others.

Second Version: One who is hard on himself, and hard on others.

Third Version: A real revolutionist.

In that garishly lit galaxy, one father who worked at a used space ship lot, while explaining some basic social matters to one of his daughters, drifted partially into his business jargon when he told her, “Sex is NOT an ‘add on.’”

What may be learned from the obvious, may later prove to have been all too obvious, or else not as obvious as was thought, and even later these two possibilities may prove to be indistinguishable.


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