Thinking too Fast

Artifacts don’t mean much to one with no interest in the past…(and over near this other star…oh, okay, I’ll give you the kiddy – I mean, vegetarian version:  History don’t frighten those not interested in history.  Now are you satisfied?

A large publishing house on one small planet had on their staff a number of writers who, for each new book, were responsible for producing an Introduction setting forth what the work was to contain and how the author was to execute it; then under another name, the same staff scribe would write an Epilogue detailing from various views how the author had failed to meet the promise and expectations set forth in the Introduction.

At one place, in one future, they no longer issue citations, or even warning tickets, for “Thinking Too Fast.”

One thin fellow, in an apparent ephemeral burst of confessional enthusiasm, declared, “If the human mind was a three ring circus, I’d be spending most of my time running around hollering, ‘Hey, where’s my other two rings’?”

All categories are illusion…wait, let me be a bit more exact:
All categories are a necessary illusion…well, why not be even more specific:
All categories are a necessary, magnificent illusion.


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