There’s Nothing Simple About It

Whines one guy, “Simply this, simply that, simply, simply, simply…sometimes that’s all I hear and, by god, there’s nothing ‘simply’ about it.”

A recent poll on that recuperating planet, reveals that sixty-eight percent of nouns and things, and eighty-three percent of verbs and actions, would be willing, under certain conditions, to be metaphors.

A sturdy looking haberdasher once asked a revolutionist, “Is your kind of activity to relieve stress or to induce it?’  And the rebel responded, “Do you know the difference?”  And the guy says he does.  “Okay, that is the difference.”

If you don’t clearly see the irrelevant, you’re of no use to the revolution.

Even if local authorities officially proclaim that beyond all doubt, without question, you are a bona fide living “expert” in some particular field, unless it is your intention to be so, remember – you’re not.


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