The God of the Second Chance

On this one world, when the creatures became old enough to stabilize their myths into a deity, they referred to theirs as, “The God Of The Second Chance,” which gave all the other myths their best laugh in years.

Man cannot predict the future, for man IS the future.

Don’t poison the snakes if you plan reptile for lunch.

(This may seem obvious to some, but there are those who suffer from a dangerous lack of “brain-stomach coordination,” [in an intellectual sense, of course].)

On one real certain and real obvious day, one of the older guys told one of the younger ones, “Remember, if you wanna feel good, all you gotta do is make someone else feel bad,” and the kid thought, “I always wondered if you were really my father, and now I know.”

If all you know is what is of personal significance, then what you know is of no significance.

As he conclusively departed this plane, one revolutionist shouted back, “Life can be understood, but not explained!”


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