The Artist Assists the Move

One self-proclaimed “religious woman,” just over in that shaky spot, told me most emphatically that all she hoped for in a better afterlife was a tonic for her nerves and a daybed for her mind.

In a 3-D universe, where you are in space determines your time, but there is another level where time is not decided by space.

In what appeared to be an uncontrollable spasm, one chap suddenly blurted out, “When myths become superstitions, only the superstitious will have myths.”  (Thank you, Orpheus, and “get down” with your bad self…at least, as best you can.)

One little perceptive tyke said what he found cutest about adults was the way they talk.

It could be said that the ordinary artist assists the move from the visual to the conceptual, and then that the revolutionist completes the progression.


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