A shortish fellow with mostly colorful hair, sitting in an adjacent chair, leaned over and honored me with this notion, “On real good days when I can see roughly just how life operates, it makes me clearly aware that we are all living under extremely cheap tensions.”

Don’t forget to write home, now, and remind ‘em that all of life’s competing interests are common interests.

When you reach that area of the solar system wherein you begin to find one person’s story to be as good as the next, your appreciation of fiction (and reality) will increase mightily.

A grandfatherly (he assures me that where he comes from may be an adverb, anyhow) a grandfatherly guy out on loan, in attempting to describe to a kid the sublime intricacies of revolutionist thought, and the labyrinth complexity of new-intelligence, ultimately wrapped it up in the explanation, “Stark!”

Those who most faithfully pursue the dictum of “pick up the pieces,” will most likely end up with the best collection of pieces.


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