“Kid, I’ll tell you something parabolically significant, and privately useful, if you’ll promise not to let it throw you in the ordinary physical world…okay?”  “Okay,” came the reply, and the voice continued, “Then dig:  Once you can see it, everyone and everything’s a tough act to follow.”  (“Including ones self.”)

He adjusted the microphone, cleared his throat, and with all the muster he could dignify, addressed the crowd, “After attentively heeding the previous speakers, I do not believe I can confidently speak for many of us here when I say that the latest proposal is almost as good as the original one, other than the fact that it’s not.”

One nearby revolutionist once noted that, per his reckoning at least, “By the time you get to where you really know what you’re doing in a particular area, you almost immediately forget about it.”

No matter what was said, this one chap would always nod his head agreeably, pause for several moments, and while still appearing in accord with the comment would ask, “And what is the alternative?”

In a more complex future, one seething synonym for death is “personalization.”


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