(Sometimes I wish I hadn’t started this, but, oh well…):

Yet another of those ipse dixit divinities, or demi-divinities, has obviously heard of my recent notations and now he, too, has written me and says that what he likes best about “being a god” is that you don’t have to have any particular reason for being one.  (I guess I could be Mister Wisenheimer and add that the same could be said for being dead.)

Under 3-D conditions, the normal laws of motions are not repealed in the invisible, internal world of man’s thoughts and feelings.  Thusl, when you attempt to toss something up and grab hold of its other end, just as with divers, the act itself tends to make it take a half-twist. 

(You might care to recall this next time you think about changing-your-old-mind or reversing-the-old-position.)

Over near the Chromium Sector, I found a new religion being run by some guys that seem pretty sure of themselves, in that the opening address of all their prayers begins with, “Hello, darlin’.”

Lying astride his catered deathbed, one father, who was less than neurally shabby in his prime, threw his progeny litter this farewell advice, “Never simply ‘throw away’ anything that is larger than it was when you got it.”

As this world expands laterally, everyone has access to the same new information…but not everyone has access to the new interpretation.

The real revolutionist couldn’t write nonfiction even if he wanted to.


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