Myths for a Monday

“Have you ever considered,” inquired the pondering father, “that if any human affairs and thoughts could be tidily wrapped up in words, with a period being a satisfying conclusion at one end of a verbal gathering, then we would have no need for incessant introductions on the other?”

If the possible outcomes of the mythic quest were either to remain more or less as you are now, or become like one of humanity’s spiritual heroes, the would-be explorer, I suggest, would be likely to adopt a general attitude sort of like, “To hell with the whole thing.”

Two myths were just sitting around, doing nothing, and one finally spoke, “Do you realize that half the people take us literally, and the rest think we’re fiction – is that not weird!”  The other myth sorta nodded and, after a quiet internal moment, said, “Okay, I give up, what’s the difference?”

I have previously noted for you that, “Anything that can happen, will,” but I can be more specific: “Anything you can imagine to happen will, or has.”

And yet another of those mythic figures tells me that what he likes best about being a god is that you can not only “start off on the wrong foot, but can damn well stay there.”


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