An intelligent looking chap I met late one night last month over in that hazy area just laterally north of us, spoke to me in a tone, though hushed, that was indeed most emphatic; he said that he has personally seen irrefutable evidence that clearly indicates that “all of humanity’s historic and continuing problems are a direct result of biological MIS-information being deliberately fed to man.”

There is a certain intersection in the human nervous system wherein all traffic laws are in suspension.

“I have a question…”  “Yes?”  “Just how does one experience an extraordinary adventure?”  “First, by having an extraordinary sense of adventure.”

Even on this rather routine world, there is a more complex level of perception possible whereby one may discover that amidst the continuing cacophony of all the other broadcasts, they’re yet always “playing our song.”

A chap last Monday I believe it was, said that he didn’t so much mind having to stay in this universe, if he could just ever get a call through to Room Service.


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