Fun on a Friday

In what is, by some, perceived to be a desert of philosophical, if not penetrating, pleasant pronouncements, this one gentleman loudly proclaimed, “If I were any happier, I’d wear my socks backwards!”


Almost every morning, this guy could be seen scurrying around his backyard, his hands a-fluttering, and him making a kind of “shushing” sound – his mate explained that he’s trying to “shoo away time and space.”

One father, just before he died…(ah, he wasn’t really dying, he just told me to tell you that), whispered to his son in a shout, this final, exit advice, “Don’t pose!”

Remember our
oh-so-secret motto:
If it ain’t fun
it ain’t This.

After a life spent in these affairs revolutionaire, one person grinningly admitted, “I now seem to ‘have-life-down’ to having just one aim…and the best part is – I’ve got NO idea what it is!”  (And that, my friends, is a revolution well spent.)


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