After all the hugs, tears and goodbyes, just as the kid was about to depart for his life on Earth, his father whispered, “At times, if you feel like you don’t know what you’re talking about – don’t sweat it.”

One reason a revolutionist doesn’t look back, is that it generally requires that you loosen your head from your other nerve endings.

“Look,” said the first guy, “You’re my very best friend, and I wanna tell you a close, personal secret.”  And his companion nodded to proceed, so the guy continues, “If it weren’t for feeling ‘bad’ I don’t think I’d feel at all.”  And his friend snorted, “I thought you were gonna tell me a secret!”

Regarding such earthbound comments as, “It’s just your imagination,” do take intergalactic note that there is no such thing as “just” anything.  (Never?  Never.  Never, ever?  You heard me.)

This one little, not-so-little, lad has a borrowed uncle who sometimes would say to him, “Kid, if I may call you, ‘Kid’ – Kid, the secondary pursuit of health is no fit hobby for man nor beast”…(and I do believe you fit one of those categories.)


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