The first voice said, “One manner of approaching this is to ‘treat all differences the same,’” and the alternative voice asked, “Did you say ‘treat all differences the same’ or ‘treat them as though they were the same’?”  And the initiating voice exclaimed, “Finally! – You got something right the first time through.”

When spatial systems examine themselves, who shall diagnose the results?

One chap was so intellectually self-assured that whenever he met fortune tellers, he expected them to pay him to read his mind.

One of the forward elders said to his younger, partially adopted cousin, “Forget about arthritis and impotency, the way to recognize the advancement of aging is in that your myths become brittle.”  (Several hours later the youngster said, “I’m suspecting you meant that you begin to take your myths literally?”  And the un-youngster replied, “That is precisely what I said, thank you.”)

Everything’s a preface.

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