Cautionary Chirp

As his “now-you’re-an-adult-going-away-present,” one colorful father gave his equally bland child the following advice, “Just as soon as you find someone who will listen, tell them that you objected to it right from the start, but couldn’t find who to complain to.”

Although compact, non-directional humor is a native bird in revolutionist areas, there remains this cautionary chirp:  Don’t laugh at anything you don’t fully understand.

In the mythic history of man, those who like to say, “What we’re experiencing here is the moral equivalent of an earthquake,” wouldn’t know a poetic seismograph if it rushed up in a clown’s suit, ripped down their knickers and whistled the March of Aida.

If a war is not an invasion, it is not a war of profit.

During the later months of his later years, this one fellow looked up, looked off, and then commented, “One thing I have learned, if life is the only thing standing between you and death, then in this life even if you’ve ‘got it made’ you ain’t got it made.”


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