Better Light

After hanging around some of the adult ideas, one kid off and mused to his little self, “If it is true that ‘Everything looks better in better light,’ would it not perhaps behoove a kid to bypass the obvious entanglements and go directly to trying to make the light better by which he sees things?”

Pondering the wonderful world of criticism, one guy mused, “It’s not fair, you can write about art and music, but you can’t paint and perform about literature, it’s just not fair,” and a critic nearby thought, “Fair…fair, my what a curious concept.”

“Nepotism!” cried out the accusing voice, “Nepotism, nepotism, nepotism; that’s all it is, clear and simple nepotism,” and the reply came, “But none of us are related in the least,” (a pause, then the accuser marvels), “God, what a clever ruse!”

One excitable chap, caught up in his personal discoveries of this-and-that, ofttimes resembling that-and-this, said to a friend, “If you’ll go a month or so without washing your hair, it’ll almost look like a toupee.”

Words Of Wisdom from a not-so-hot-planet:
“Trying to piss
on another’s foot
while you’re running
is perhaps an


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