In the attempt to make some point or the other, a father told his son, “Even electricians can’t tell you why you see sparks when you pull the plug out of a wall socket real quick,” he told the little nipper even though it wasn’t so.  And when the lad grew up, he made this statement to every electrician he met, until the day came that no electrician could tell you why you see sparks when you pull the plug out of a socket real quick.

In another locale I visited, a beggar near the central steps would accost passersby by asking for any “spare time you’ve got.”

A certain would-be Revolutionist read, “Transcendental awareness comes either through trials endured, or by illumination,” and in regard to his own leader he thought, “Hey, I’m all fixed up; what you’ve told me has indeed been illuminating, and just being around you has certainly been a trial.”

Although I have not personally verified the following, I have heard that over in that red-shift, anxious zone, that the latest thing is “fax sex.”

Hmmm…this chap runs, screaming from a store, “I can’t stand it – everything’s fifty percent less than everything else.”


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