Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, there was a tribe who lived in the deepest jungle.

Once upon a time, there was a people who lived on the highest mountain.

And once upon a time, there was a bunch of folks who lived in the ocean of clichés.

Hey, look at it this way:  If there WAS any chance you would receive “fair warning,” there wouldn’t be anything to be warned about.

Some people were discussing what an “afterlife” might be like, and one fellow says that he’s absolutely, positively sure that it’ll be “amazing, spectacular, and fascinating.” And another voice asked, “How can you be so sure?”  And the guy, with a wide wave of his hands, taking in all of their immediate surroundings replied, “Well, just look at what we’ve got here in this life already.”

The lad asked his old man, “In all these stories about fathers and sons, why does the father always have the punch line?”  And the elder replied, “That’s because these tales are so old,” but the kid resisted, “But most of them were just written a day or so ago.”  And the father replied, “That’s what I said, they’re old – real, real old.”

Over on this laterally futuristic planet, they have a most dynamic slogan, (which reads the same forward and backward), which declares and directs, “Accept no substitute for REAL substitution.”


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