Lead Time

In the middle of one bright afternoon, the guy announced, “My brain is like an electrical generator, and words are my power lines.”  And his brother thought, “I could surely tack on some smart ass comment here, but I’ve got a headache.”  (No one here’s an only child…you do understand that everyone is their own brother, sister, father, etc?)

In the matter of lesser systems within greater ones, (such as with 3-D worlds within 5-D ones), the defining and operational boundaries of the lesser ones consist of “transitory dimensions.”

There’s very little “lead time” available in the area of new thinking.

Who can put the correct value on one piece of a holograph?

Adjacent to that muddier time zone down the curve, one lad thought, “One thing at least I’ve learned from the old man, is that you’re not necessarily through with something just because you hate it.”


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