Head Start

In his ofttimes breathless manner, one guy said, “You know, the more I talk, the more I want to talk,” and his tongue said, “Tell me about it.”

Even Sherlock Holmes can’t find an exit door in an abattoir.

One chap used to say, on at least every other day, “Count the days that I’m gone.”  And his partner finally blurted, “You keep saying that, but how can I count the days if you never leave?” And he replied, “I just want to give you time to get a head start on it.”

One real sly little ruler, so as to more efficiently wield power, sat up his dummy brother on the throne as king; a neighboring monarch quickly perceived the beauty of such an arrangement, and decided to do likewise – but then realized it was already too late to imitate.

There are no “economic hardships” in the poor house.


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