Conflict & Collusion

A man living a life based on ordinary economic concerns, cannot be a Revolutionist.

I have in hand another piece of correspondence, although it was apparently intended for Santa Claus, that is a most touching appeal wherein the person is asking but for one single item, he says all he wants is a “cruise control” for his brain.

Back when it was so hot, you remember, just over there, well this fellow just up and said, “Back when I was younger, one thing I really enjoyed was, real late at night, I’d slip up and ring my brain’s door bell, then run off real quick and leave an empty brown bag.”

That which is in conflict
is in collusion, and
those who battle

Believe-it-or-don’t, but yet another, for-a-limited-time-only, lower echelon deity, wants to get in on the act, and wants me to know quite specifically that what he “likes best about being a god is that everyone Naturally expects the worst of you.”


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