A Unique Axis

A woolly seeming tailor I stood next to in a breakfast queue just around the corner, told me that about the only way he could get a straight answer from himself was to ask a crooked question.

Another out-of-town divinity sent me a card and said he’d heard of my recent collection of his peers’ sentiments, and in the same regard, he wanted to state that what he liked best about being a god is that you can whine and no one ever notices what you’re actually doing.

The first voice said: “There’s only one thing I am justified to hate – dumbness.”

And his friend’s voice, in a captious mood replied: “Okay, but who’s to decide what IS dumbness?”

And number one voice declared: “Why me, of course, I’m certainly qualified to do that, or I wouldn’t be smart enough to spot all the dumbness in the first place – Humph.”

And the other voice said: “Rats – foiled again!”

Over in the deep end of the pool, a lurking liquor sales man said to me, “I have but one fear in life and that is being misunderstood.”  And one of his parallel voices said, “Jeeze – talk about a half a problem”

In one yet flashing galaxy, there is a rather hard-nosed description of what many creatures consider metaphysical insight, and it says, “Each individual is a unique axis in their own unique wheel of no personal consequence.”


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