Man’s ancient, and contemporarily expressed desire, to “live in harmony with creation,” is the want to have some of last year’s legislation.

One chap, symmetrically irritated, (but not, he assures me, without “good reason”), says that those people who continue to refer to a period as “the best of times, and the worst of times,” should be forced to live in neither – simultaneously!

Amidst that last, great nervous system conflict, from the noisy bowels of adversary chaffing against adversary, from one side came the cry, “I’m warning you – we don’t take prisoners!” and from the other side came the response, “That’s just fine for we don’t furnish any.”

This younger god one day decided to make his first great pronouncement, and did so by proclaiming, “We are ALL outsiders.”  And his older brother grabbed his arm quickly and said, “We’re all INSIDERS,” and one observing it all mused again on how neat it is to be a god.

One guy suddenly sez to himself, “In the area of intelligence, there is no ‘after-market’ activity,” and just as suddenly he realizes, “Hell – that’s the ONLY kind there is.”


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